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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  June 15, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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and the news met with tears from protesters at a previously scheduled immigration rally in los angeles. but not everyone is pleased. some critics are calling the president's move blatant political pandering. steve handlesman at the white house with the latest. >> jim, thanks. good evening. president obama said today he's making this big change on his own because congress didn't. and he said emphatically because he says it's the right thing to do. barack obama has deported more illegal immigrants than any other president, but today he ended that for one group. >> it makes no sense to expel talented young people who for all intends and services are americans. >> reporter: they celebrated in los angeles. if they're under 30 and law abiding graduates or military. >> this is a temporary stopgap measure that lets our -- while
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giving a degree of relief of hope to talented, driven, patriotic young people. it is the right thing to do. erica and i don't recalla is 24. she came illegally from mexico at 11. graduated arizona state, about you feared deportation until today. >> it's such a relief we're given this opportunity. we see it as giving back. a lot of us have our engineering degrees or psychology degrees. my boyfriend's a lawyer, and he's undocumented. he's going to be able to, yeah, use that. >> reporter: critics charge the obama move is bad for american workers and principles. >> it's fundamentally unfair to those who come legally. it simply rewards the illegal behavior and encourages future flows of illegal aliens. >> reporter: president obama wants his rewards from latino
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voters. >> the action makes reaching a more long-term solution more difficult. we'll work to provide such certainty and clarity. president obama tried to make clear here today his plan would not offer to illegal residents american citizenship. i'm steve handlesman, notify movie live at the white house, jim and wendy, back to you. >> thanks, steve. we have more coverage. crowds of students and immigration advocates rallied at lafayette park this afternoon. they're reacting to the change. erica gonzalez will have a report, with retion from people who say immigration immunity sends the wrong message. and "meet the press" motte rater david gregory explains what it could mean during an election year. we're learning of more
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serious allegations against the secret service. it's part of a list of allegations agents and officers have faced since 2004. news organizations requested this list after the prostitution scandal in south america. the list includes one agent linked to a prostitution ring, one eight videotaped twice wandering nude around an apartment complex. some were resolved administratively while others were formally investigated. the sandusky trial took the day off. but the judge granted a defense motion to present evidence that san dulles kiss suffers from histrionic personality disorder. the belief that relationships are more intimate than they really are. the prosecution will have a chance to examine sandusky. the former assistant coach has pleaded not guilty.
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the prosecution is expected to rest its case come monday. family and friends of a business owner in northeast d.c. held a vigil today at the shop where she was found murdered. an employees found the body of 64 gerald june lim early yesterday morning at her deli on h street northeast. pat collins has our report. >> on his knees on the pavement in front of the store where his mother was murdered. peter lim wrote this message. i love you, mom. there is so much i didn't tell you. >> she always want to do do what was best. she cared about everything. just a wonderful person. grace's deli on h street opened again for what could be the very last time. you see, the owner june "grace" lim shot and killed here
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yesterday, and today her son peter gave drink and food away to people in the community who came by to express their simp think. >> there's free drinks. that's what my mom would have wanted. >> reporter: pictures, flowers, candles, an extraordinary outpouring of sorrow. a sidewalk service right here on h street northeast. >> we want you to know, by doing this, how many hearts your mother has touched. >> reporter: words of comfort. >> we just pray you will work things out for all of us and their family. >> reporter: words of prayer. >> we love you june! >> reporter: words of love. >> i had no idea. i had no idea. >> reporter: june lim was a cherished member of this h street community. every customer has a story to tell. >> i didn't even have to call my name out, because she already knew exactly what i wanted. >> you got a smile every
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morning, mading forget about whatever problem you had. >> her smile changed everything. >> i really had no idea that my mom had touch so many people in this way. >> reporter: that was pat collins reporting. a pilot from rockville was killed when a single-engine plane crashed in westminster, maryland. before going down, the pilot reported problems with the aircraft's elevation system. he tried to imagine an emergency landing, but crashed at the end of the runway. the victim is 64 years old. two students at rocky run middle school in chanel actually were shot with a beebee gun. it happened around 10:00. police say a 14-year-old boy and 13-year-old girl both hit, their injuries not life-threatening. they are in custody and please tell us that charges are pending. two former metro employees are
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going to prison for stealing more than a half million from the fare card machines. former metro police officers john haile, and horace mcdade sentenced to 2 1/2 years. haile received a longer sentence because he refused to tell authorities where he got the keys that aided in the theft. mcdade -- metro is working to improve your ride to work. the rush-plus program starts on monday. it's supposed to make the train ride a whole lot faster and smoother.
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it's a little packed here. from theh 6:30 to 9:00 a.m. the dash lines on the metro map showed changes. the orange line has six additional trains from veal ina and -- to repalatial the orange crush with the orange rush, but these trains won't reach new carroll ton. >> the segment is the most crowded place. >> the trains are too overcrowded. that's what's causing the problem. >> the green, yellow and blue lines will also see changes to boost comfort. >> green and blue line trains will become yellow line trains. that means you can go from green belt all the way to fran konya without a transfer. metro has been advertising the
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upcoming changes with posters and signs all throughout different stations, but now they want riders to know it's going to happen monday morning. in northwest washington, richard jordan, news4. yet another really fantastic day out there. we're hoping this weather will roll right on into and through the weekend. what about that veronica? >> right, other than bring it back, bring it back, we're not done with it. well, that's okay. our high temperature today, low 80s, most neighborhoods, upper 70s to the north and west. it just felt so good out there today. it was nice and comfortable. that's how your evening is going to be, too. we've got the summer solstice wednesday of next week and some real, real summery type conditions. coming up, a household name in vegas wants to roll the dice at national harbor. a new casino could mean maryland could get more than just table
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games. new plans would make virginia most the most restrictive places in the country for women to get an abortion. . theestics cloud over city hall could get worse. tears of joy flowing during [ obama ] i'm barack obamauring and i approve this message.
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[ male announcer ] it started like this... i speak the language of business. i know how jobs are created. [ male announcer ] but it ended like this. one of the worst economic records in the country. when mitt romney was governor, massachusetts lost 40,000 manufacturing jobs. a rate twice the national average. and fell to forty-seventh in job creation. fourth from the bottom. instead of hiring workers from his own state, romney outsourced call center jobs to india. he cut taxes for millionaires like himself... while raising them on the middle class... and left the state two point six billion deeper in debt. so now, when mitt romney talks about what he'd do as president... i know what it takes to create jobs. [ male announcer ] remember, we've heard it all before.
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9 new chairman says one of the his first goals is to get the council to clean up his act. tom scherrwood has our report. >> reporter: he was elected council chairman wednesday replacing now felon kwame brown who resiphgned last week.
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mendels mendelson said he has an immediate goal. >> talking to citizens, the vision they want to hear about is that city hall will clean up its act, there are not going to be this is ethical lapses, and we get the cloud -- get post the cloud. >> reporter: mendelson says he wants tattle past the raucous session wednesday where he won only after a heated assault. >> make me look like an idiot. >> reporter: he says he'll run in the special election in november. mendelson is now in line to succeed vincent gray, could she is ongoing investigation -- >> i hope that does not happen. if it becomes apparent that it's going to happen, i will prepare for that.
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it's not a position to which i want to rise and hold on to. i would look at that as stepping in to you meet the need. before the repeal of don't ask/don't tell, you faithfully served your country with professionalism and courage. you put your country -- it's an event he has hosted for the last three years. president obama changed the subject this afternoon. david gregory joins us to talk about in new immigration you heard the critics say
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blatantly political. >> this is an intent by the president to break a stalemate about immigration. for republicans, particularly marco rubio, who's been behind what they're talking about here, give the children some waiver, sore the president is trying to jam up the republicans, plain and simple. mitt romney is walking a fine line here. they change the subject. yesterday the economy, huge rand most important voting bloc today. >> but his focus needs to be the
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economy. >> i think that's been a -- he gave a pretty strong speech yesterday, but if romney can't figure out a way to cut into that lead that the president has among latinos, the view is that he cannot overcome in a state like virginia, western states -- nevada, colorado, so far. >> what do you have sunday? >> we'll talk about david plouffe and john mccain. >> thanks, david. also on sunday, he also has baseball legend jim abbott to talk about his unlikely rise in the major leagues and new book. that's on sunday morning at 11:30 right after "meet the press." then you go to the game. >> i do, because it's father's day and i got to choose. take down those yankees. and a check on the weather when those damn yankees head into town. they're here already. >> it's going to great. that means a win, right, david?
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>> you got it. >> normally our weather videos people pauking around, enjoying the weather. take a loon at what we have for you today. the spiritual creature, right? the eagle, chopper 4 got this this afternoon flying over rockville maryland in montgomery county. that's some majestic strength into the weekend. we had a few clouds out there today, but boy, is that eagle soars high. i think he loved the weather. we started off on the cool side. wendy, i heard you say it earlier, you needed a jacket, right? the average high 84 degrees, the pollen count for tree, for grass, for weeds all low, but that mold/spore count is moderate for today, so we need to dry out more.
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we've had some higher gusts. upper 70s to low 80s. 81 degrees, manassas, warrenton, only you folks in columbia maryland, right now 79 degrees and patuxent river 77 degrees. we'll start out anywhere from 62 to degrees tomorrow morning. area of high pressure. look at the klee sky in pennsylvania. that's going to be pumping in a business moisture and more humanity. on sunday just a few additional clouds that will be mainly
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coming from the west, as the next -- you can see some showers and storms out ahead of it. i think for -- will be falling apart as it heads to the east. our temperatures here, but take a lookelsewhere, 101 in phoenix, and i'm look why is everybody complains about it being so economically. they started out in the mid to low 60s. san francisco now up to 73 degrees. about this warmth that's been through the nation's midsection that's what's going to start building for early part of next week. for a good chunk of the east. for this evening, though, we're comfortable, 68 to 74 degrees. tomorrow morning, 512 to 62 degrees, a terrific start for
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us. sun's up at 5:42. so what do we get? a delish day tomorrow. again that pollen count is low. the humidity low, so it will be nice through the weekend, your saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, from 82 to 90 degrees, low to mid 90s, a good chunk of next week. that means, of course it will be just a little oppressive next week. big changes coming our way. coming up tonight, drivers fed up over a busy intersection where many motorists run red lights. the future of national harbor, being decided in annapolis. i'll have the details on news4. coming up in sports, two big golf names make a push at the u.s. open. and miami turns up the heat in game 2 against the thunder. plus here at nats park, bryce harper looks to continue
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one of the biggest names in vegas wants to bring acto -- >> mgn plans to build a high-end ka sinna. >> reporter: the upscale destination could become even more so. >> to explore the development of an integrated resource where we combined prepared to invest over 800 million dollars.
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the announcement couple times after finding that the state could support a sixth gaming. part of the proposal would allow table games like blackjack and call for a lower of the tax rate on such businesses. >> we're not going to drop las vegas in national harbor. we're going to do something that is sensitive to the local environment, the region. >> reporter: so what do visitor toss downtown national harbor think? >> it would definitely add to the economy, additional revenue. >> i've got a lot better stuff than throw bucks away. i can get a lot of empires for that. it's all good. >> we're excited about the opportunity to make bakley go into the planning and make another mini national harbor up on the beltway parcel. >> reporter: more action is needed at the statehouse. but a special legislative
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session and an up vote in annapolis have to happen first. if it doesn't happen this year, it won't come up again until 2014. even the special session is a roll of the dice. they tried to do it last term and died an 11th hour debt. if it does happen it would be as earl why is a november 9th. a vigil held today for a deli owner in northeast d.c. she was murdered. 64-year-old june lim was killed at a story on h street northeast yesterday morning. police say the motive was robbery. members of the community got together to express their sorrow to lim's son. so far no one arrested in that case. got milk? they did when a tanker spilled 5,000 gallons, chopper 4 capturing the scene. this afternoon firefighters had to dig a dirt barrier, because
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the milk was mixed with diesel fuel. hazmat crews came in to clean it. there were no injuries. president obama announced a significant change today. undocumented young people brought here by their parents can apply for work permits and stay in the u.s. for the next two years. the new program does not change anyone ace immigration status, nor does it provide a path to citizenship. many republicans are fearly opposed. but local students whose parents are illegal immigrants are reacting to the new plan. at a rally this afternoon, students said they no longer have to be afraid of deportation, as erica gonzalez reports, the change is getting a lot of support, but some say it sends the wrong message. >> we'll finally see a piece of justice. >> reporter: it doesn't grant citizenship, but that doesn't seem to matter. >> i'm going to be a doctor. yeah.
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>> reporter: ricky ca campos ha been in this country for 2 jeers and says this is a good day. students watched as new immigration policy was announced preventing young immigrant -- >> it should have happened yesterday or last week, but it's here now and is changing people's lives. >> i was brought here when i was 2 years old from chile. >> reporter: hundreds chanted "victory." >> i've 4ri6d here my whole life. the uss my home. >> reporter: for many students today really is about living the dream. many of them tell us it's about no longer having to wake up in the morning in fear of being deported. >> i went to the detention center, they took me and my mom in. >> reporter: he says the fear is
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gone. >> given a one-year reprieve and today's news, they saved my life. >> reporter: those ka qualify will be granted work permits. >> this is entirely irupon. >> reporter: precisely what anti-immigration groups are again. >> does anyone think that the rich white friends will be the ones that goods displaced. >> reporter: says the u.s. has a problem with unemployment. >> this is absolutely insane. >> reporter: dreamers say it may not be exactly what the president promised four years ago, but they say he needs more time. at lafayette mark, erica gonzalez, news4. republican voters in virginia will not be choosing the next nominee for governor. the virginia republican party has decided to hold a closed convention instead of a primary. they voted in richmond today, reversing an earlier decision. what it means is that thousands of delegates in the area will
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either choose bill bowling or attorney general ken cuccinelli to be the nominee for governor in 2013. bolling opposes the change, cuccinelli voters say there's more success in the fall when naeem niece are chosen at conventions. a proposal that would have made virginia among the most restrictive and expensive places in the country for women to be abortions has been struck do you. the virginia board of health rejected a requirement that existing clinics meet the same building standards as new hospitals. under the decide today, only newly constructed clinics would have to meet those standards. critics had warned that stricker regulation could force many abortion clinics to close. supporters of the rule said they were trying to protect women's health. a risky intersection causing some big headaches in montgomery county, because people routinely
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run red lights there, it creates safety concerns, it creates gridlock. melissa mollet has more. >> reporter: take a look at they turn left. jennifer ferrigno works nearby and is fed up. over the past few months, the cameras have caught car after car, bus after bus. >> a lot of gridlock, a lot of running red lights. i don't know where these people went to driving school, but where i went, right tern beats lovett tern. >> it says the intersection is fine from an engineering standpoint. the real issue they say is enforcement. >> an engineering improvement can't change things, so it's a matter of getting driver to obey the law. police are now taking another look at the intersection. if they believe they'll be effective, will ask for red
6:33 pm
light cameras. i don't blame the buses, i don't blame the cars, i think the light needs to be changed. >> some other drivers and pedestrians agree. >> safety concern. >> just the timing of the lights. >> it's always gridlocked here, too. >> reporter: i've been on the corner. in just five minutes 13 cars and 4 buses have run the red light here. they get stuck in the intersection and then block traffic. we showed union rep melvin ransom video of some of his buses coming through. while he says running a red light is never okay, he insists the intersection needs to be changed. >> we had need a left-turn signal for buses and pedestrians and traffic coming up. police say technically some of the drivers aren't actually running the light. >> it's not illegal for them to enter the intersection and then clearing it. >> reporter: me his a mollet,
6:34 pm
news4. fairfax county kicking off a campaign to combat aggressive driving. it's called "operation summer h.e.a.t." police say they'll be on the lookout for req his driver and speeding. this campaign will last through the 3rd of september. coming up tonight, not a dry uin the house when a mother made a surprise visit. veronica, how is our week shaping up? >> well, it's been so nice the last couple days, but now our weather is going to take a turn. will it be this weekend? i'll tell you when we return. [ leanne ] appliance park has been here since the early 50s.
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my dad and grandfather spent their whole careers here. [ charlie ] we're the heartbeat of this place, the people on the line. we take pride in what we do. when that refrigerator ships out the door, it's us that work out here. [ michael ] we're on the forefront of revitalizing manufacturing. we're proving that it can be done here,
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and it can be done well. [ ilona ] i came to ge after the plant i was working at closed after 33 years. ge's giving me the chance to start back over. [ cindy ] there's construction workers everywhere. so what does that mean? it means work. it means work for more people. [ brian ] there's a bright future here, and there's a chance to get on the ground floor of something big, something that will bring us back. not only this company, but this country. ♪ we're looking at video that
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could be of the oldist paintings in the world. the artists were neanderthals, not cro-magnons, of course that branch in the evolutionary tree that just broke off and then disappeared about 12 to 15,000 years ago, approximately. that all, of course, according to a study in "science." it's between 30 and 41,000 years old. the cave paintings were created about the time that modern humans or cro-magnons first went into europe from africa. wow, 3-year-old justin abarraham thought his surprise at the end of the day was a bag of cookies. he got something much sweeter. >> hi. who is that? >> justin. >> justin, who is that? >> he was reunited with him mom. it took him a minute. she just finished a five-month
6:39 pm
deployment to kuwait. she surprised him by picking him up from his preschool. at first he was a little confused, but it didn't take him long. when she asked, did you miss me? he nodded yes. of course he did. >> he was like, do i know you? >> and where are those cookies? good for them both. here's a look at what we're working on. amber, where the yankees are in town. also the heat cup on the, and they don't c
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s. my goodness, it was crazy nice outside today.
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did you get a chance to get out and enjoy the weather today? a lot of folks did. they sure did, walking around. by next week, you'll want to stay inside and shelter yourself. we will have high heat across the area next week. tomorrow morning we'll be started out cool that's cool, folks. wonderful evening, though. a few clouds. that's about all we'll see. tomorrow is just a few high clouds, not getting in the way of anything outdoors. as a matter of fact, if you've got some training to do this weekend for a triathlon, right here, i do -- we'll have delightful weather.
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about 83 frederick, and then for father's day on sunday, yeah, he'll be taking the day off. no cleaning out the garage or no doing anything. highs of 81. if you're going to the beach, you have your beach and boating forecast coming right up. we have amber theoharris? >> the beast of the the it's a packed house. they're also going to be bryce marmer, the national phenom playing against the team he grew up idolizing. he wears 34, because it adds up to 7, which is mickey mandle, but still we all know harper is wearing the nationals uniform,
6:45 pm
not the pinstripes. he's here to prove the nats are real. he's been hot on the recent road trip against the rest of the a.l. east, batted .476 with two doubles and two homers. he knows this team can hang with the best. >> we're coming in trying to win a couple more base games. you know, it's a lot of fun playing those kind of guys, hall of fame caliber guys, and it's a blessing to be here playing. it will be a lot of fun. >> reporter: gametime is said for 7:00 here at nationals park. we're told there's single seats available, but they're in the suites, so i hope you have some
6:46 pm
cash. golf, second round action today, the big story was jim furyk. he played a great round, 1 under par, 69d. he jumped up five spots to second. of course, everybody looking for tiger, though, we'll get to that. all at the u.s. open, and there is 2003 champ furyk, and he entered the round tied for sevenr seventh. tee shot on 15, it looks good to him, where does it land? it bounces just wide. he would go on to birdie that hole and moves to 1 under par. later, here's furyk on three at even par, going for birdie from off the grid, and you betcha. furyk shoots a 1 under, 69. he finishes in second for the day. of course, we want to know what's up with tiger woods. he teed off late this afternoon.
6:47 pm
michael thompson, after the first two holes, he's now the coleader, he shot on number 3. it's a great one, bounces, and it hands just a few feet from the cup he would birdie that hole, but right now he's in -- plus two on the day. it's the 17-year-old in first. let's move on to the nba. after the heat were dominated by the thunder in the fourth quarter of game 1, they knew that they had to take at least an even series back to miami. lebron, he was in some deep thought before game 2. maybe he was thinking about a hot start for the heat, because that's exactly what happened up 16-2, games goes to work, pump fakes a. gets the hook shot to go. lebron had a game high 32 points, you know who also had 32 points? kevin durant.
6:48 pm
in the fourth, thunder down ten, drives past shane battier. he slams it down, heat lead down to single digits. less than a minute to play, heat with the ball. and they are up five. with under 15 seconds to play, thunder down just two. they are going to go to the man durant, but he cannot get the shot to go. he thought he was fouled, but no call. the heat hold on to win 100-96. the series is now even. game 3 on sunday night. here is lebron james after the game. we haven't played too well in the first 36 minutes, started to let this one slip away. we know they're going to keep coming. they've got doing it the whole
6:49 pm
postseason, especially on the home fluor. we wanted to make just one more or two more plays than they made. >> our goal was come and get one. you know, this time of year, as we continue to say, both teams are good enough to win on each other's home floors. we felt we had opportunities in game 1 to win, tonight we seized the moment. looking forward to see what lebron will do in game 3. one more final note. it was announced today that georgetown will be playing florida a basketball game will be played on a u.s. navy carrier off the coast of jacksonville, november 9th, to kick off the college basketball season. two other games will be played on other carry es, one off san diego as well. so la jollas will be back in action. it's the first-place nationals
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in the nl east tries to prove the nl east is the real deal as ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
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we're glad the weekend is here. where do you take dad? jim, have you ever been to this one? the sully antique car show? chanel actually? >> yeah, yeah. they have some nice stuff. >> it's been going on for years. yeah, you have to pay a bit for tickets there, but it's at
6:54 pm
the historic sully plantation. they'll be awarding trophies. from what i understand action this thing always draws huge crowds. temperatures will be starting out in the mid 60s to around 70 degrees. we'll have a high around 80 degrees. if you're going to the beach, the water temperature is at 68 degrees now, but next week that water temperature easily into the mid 70s, because we are going to see highs in the 90s around here. at the beach, though, beth any, rehow beth, and then it gets higher, so nice, nice conditions. 6 wen deals next week, which is
6:55 pm
ironic that it's the summer solstice on wednesday. >> we love that. thank you. there was an event last night honors a local man whose accomplishments are considerable. lots of people there had really nice things to say about him. what got my attention were a few words spoken by the man's 92-year-old father. his father still gets around. my impression was that he's old school, not inclined to expressing a lot of words of endearment, but not immune to feeling them. what the father said in so many words is that he is very proud of his son. i choked up a bit on that, and i was very happy for the man being honored, because with all the things that men want, one that is most prized is to make the old man proud. i think that's true for most of us, even if we didn't particularly like the guy, on if
6:56 pm
he acted like he didn't like us, or if we hardly knew him. mine was in the latter category. for the first three years of my life he was in france in the army. for the next six he was in another war with demons that eventually and all too soon killed him. when he wasn't fighting, he was fantastic. a bear of a man. he used to like to throw me in the air all around, and i never once, not once was i ever afraid he wouldn't catch me. he was not afraid to let the child in him out. bought my a snare drum with a shoulder strap when i was 6. then he would get out there march up and down the street with me in front of everybody as i tried to beat out of a rhythm. most of the gifts were living things, he would say come here, boy, reach in his pocket and hand me a puppy, a kitten, a baby squirrel. a bird one time. one time he reaped a black
6:57 pm
snake. i was cool with that too. my mom wasn't so happy, but she got over it. my old man was a plumber. when he let me go to work with him, i would try so desperately hard to get exactly right any task to which i was assigned. i was 9 years old when my father lost of battle with his demons. for the last 61 years, i've been trying to get it exactly right so he would be proud of me. i suspect i'm not the only one. happy father's day to all of you who know exactly what i
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